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Pvision, with Machine Learning technology, AI gives the avebility  to showcase your products more impressively with virtual elements and live animations superimposed on the real world. Your customers, thanks to Pvision,augmented realityThey can experience it virtually, obtain detailed information, and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Pvision not only enables your business to keep up with technological innovations but also helps you gain a competitive advantage while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction.

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be with you

Control The Vision

We have built the management panel for you based on three fundamental principles.

  • Simple

  • Fast

  • Effective

We offer a management console for your business through our service and solution partnership. Usename and password provided, you will be able to control your content within the scope of the package and subscription you have purchased through this console. Thus, in the real world, you will be able to view any video in real time on the product you want via your phone's camera.
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Artificial intelligence algorithms, complex data programming and processing under Machine Laerning, IoT (Internet of Things) are our specialties. As part of the project management lifecycle, in line with your requirements and the planned project's methodology Piwork We created .


•Playpik We offer a wide range from consultancy services to solution partnerships to companies and customers. With the software infrastructure of our technology and the vision we have, we aim to add value to the memories of individuals by offering products and solutions to our Individual and Corporate customer portfolio, while aiming to add prestige to the brand and corporate identity values of companies. We believe our sophisticated technology will have the potential to generate great excitement in many industries.
Management Integration


and Integration

You will be able to manage the pictures and videos in your business portfolio that you want our application to define, in your simple and user-friendly management section, where you can add images and videos when your membership is complete and your job is defined. The system will be activated with the Password and ID we have set for your company, and you will be able to control your content within the scope of the package and subscription you have purchased.

Our team and representatives will provide you with the necessary support and guidance.


The ideology we aim to create with Πcycle is to have the video play in an endless loop on any image.


Create Your Business Vision

We are planning

We plan the right integration guide to optimize our app's service performance for your business.

We are creating

In line with the arguments obtained, we create the necessary roadmap in a healthy way by coordinating

We are realizing

We determine the most suitable package and service options for you in line with the work done and the requests you want from us, and the necessary formation is  we are doing.


By presenting the production stages of the products in your establishment's menu with a visual difference, you can whet your customers' appetite and guide them by determining their preferences. In this way, you can attract the attention of your customers with products that look delicious and attractive, gain their appreciation and increase their satisfaction.

Playpik Food


We can provide our visitors with the details of the application process of the medical applications we perform in our polyclinics, so that they gain awareness and consciousness. In this way, we can support our visitors to approach the health services offered to them in a safer and more conscious way by providing them with more information about the treatment processes.

Medicine Playpik


By creatively visualizing your specific products used in daily life, you can increase product and usage awareness and take your company's brand prestige one step ahead of your competitors in the national and international market. This innovative approach can increase customer loyalty and sales by increasing the value of your brand while helping your customers better understand your products.

Industry Playpik


You can convey the effects and results of the medical applications you perform in your medical and cosmetic aesthetic centers by presenting them to your customers with a visual richness.
In this way, you can help your customers create realistic expectations by allowing them to see before and after transactions visually. Visual presentations can increase your customers' confidence and satisfaction while making it easier for them to better understand the potential consequences of transactions and make decisions.

Cosmetics Playpik


Finally, that unforgettable day has come. The most meaningful day you will spend with your loved ones in your life, the day you will marry that special person you love. On this special day, a more meaningful and more special invitation to your loved ones,pvisionYou can send it from our invitation.

Playpik pvision Invitation Card

Reviving Invitation: Our special invitation product, which we offer for your special days, allows you to have a different experience for your loved ones in important organizations such as marriages and birthdays. With this invitation, you can greet your guests in an inviting and impressive way by using augmented reality technology. Our invitations, enriched with visual and interactive features, help you create unforgettable memories and invite your guests to an impressive atmosphere.

Playpik pvision Invitation Card
Playpik pvision Invitation Card


Combine the real with the virtual.

Interactive AR  :You can create informative and explanatory promotional content for your target audience in line with your vision, the sector you are in and the service portfolio you offer, and present it with a rich visual.

  • You can add access keys for 3D objects, airplay videos and more, giving people a different presentation experience.You can spend over n lives.

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