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Puzzle ve fotoğraf kutusu


From our application, we send you a picture that you will upload for yourself or for our children as a puzzle, and when you combine the video puzzle pieces that you defined from the application, the puzzle will appear on the puzzle when you look at it from the application camera.

Magnet ve davetiye Kutusu


You can print the photo you want from our application on our product, which is a ceramic magnet, and define the video you want, in this way, the magnet you fixed on the refrigerator will appear on the video you added when you look at it from the application camera.

Magnet ve puzzle kutusu
IMG_3962 copy.png
Davetiye ve hediye kartı

Paloroid Photo

You can order 1,3,12,24 photos from our application. We send your orders up to 15 in an envelope, and your orders of 25 in a box. To place an order, you will need to add images and videos in the application and make the payment. You will have to look at the photo we sent from your camera. Thus, the video you have added will appear on the photo.

Puzzle ve magnet kutusu

Invitation  and Gift Card

Our product, which is a very special invitation for your special days, is an option where you can invite your loved ones to organizations such as marriages and birthdays by presenting an impressive difference  . You can access the informative video on our net site or in the application information section.

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